The War For Cyber Talent Has Begun – How do Top Companies Retain Their Best?

Considering the strong demand for IT professionals experienced in cybersecurity, companies must pay significant attention to retention. After all, in this current market, it becomes difficult to replace lost cybersecurity talent. The wasted staffing costs combined with a potential loss in productivity make this situation critical.

With an eye towards keeping your company’s cybersecurity team onboard, here are some tips on improving your retention rate. Leverage these ideas to foster a SecOps culture that’s the envy of your competition. It’s an essential part of ensuring a secure technical infrastructure.

3 Ways to Retain Your Best Cyber Talent

1. Develop a Robust Training Program in Cybersecurity

A major reason technology employees look elsewhere for employment involves a lack of professional development opportunities. This reasoning also applies to SecOps professionals. So smart companies develop training programs focused on cybersecurity and other current technologies.

Additionally, offer a generous tuition reimbursement benefit to your team. Requiring employees to stay on for a few years after being reimbursed improves your retention rate. It’s the right strategy for keeping your cyber talent in the fold, especially those wanting to become a CISO.

2. Provide Flexibility and the Ability to Balance Personal and Professional Lives

Cybersecurity employees remain at the front lines of the battle against hackers and online nefarious agents. In short, this situation becomes stressful at times. So providing perks like flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute keeps employee morale high. Companies helping employees balance the personal and professional lives of their employees boast higher retention rates.

3. Offer a Generous Salary and Benefits Package

SecOps pros understand the demand for their services is currently at its highest. This situation might lead some to look elsewhere, hoping for a better payday. As such, it’s a major reason to pay your cybersecurity team generous salaries.

Regarding benefits, we talked about cybersecurity training, tuition reimbursement, and flexible scheduling. Additionally, profit sharing, great health insurance, and regular bonuses are also smart ideas. The point is simple. Don’t give your employees reason to consider working for any other company.

Implementing all these ideas helps your company build a culture focused on cybersecurity. Of course, any true professional would want to be part of that team.

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