Tips for Keeping Your Cybersecurity Team Motivated

Keeping any project team motivated requires a proactive approach from managers. This is especially the case when leading a cybersecurity team on an important project. After all, protecting a company’s technical infrastructure from hackers and cybercriminals requires hard work and a deft touch.

With an engaged SecOps team in mind, here are a few tips on ensuring your cybersecurity team stays focused. Leverage these ideas to ensure your clients – internal or external – receive great service from your organization. In the end, keeping the hackers out requires an engaged team throughout the project timeline.

The Struggle to Keep Employees Engaged

A recent survey from Gallup illustrates the difficult task managers face in keeping their teams inspired and engaged. According to the Gallup study, only 15 percent of workers across the globe are sufficiently engaged. In the United States, things are a little bit better at 30 percent. Still, this engagement level hampers the efforts of cybersecurity managers trying to lead their teams to success.

Ultimately, SecOps is a 24/7 job function. To boast an effective cybersecurity team, you must ensure your team stays inspired no matter the situation. Let’s look at a few ideas on how to accomplish this goal.

Ensure Your Team Understands The Big Picture

Many cybersecurity professionals enter the field because they understand the importance of their work. In short, protecting clients from hackers provides enough inspiration. However, some are more attracted to the lucrative pay and copious job opportunities.

Whatever your team’s motivation, make sure everyone understands the proverbial big picture. Protecting customer data and infrastructures remains arguably the most critical job role in the IT world. Failure in the area puts more than each team member’s job at risk.

Your clients’ profitability and business future depend on your team performing in an exemplary fashion. So continually remind everyone on the team of this fact.

Providing Continuous Feedback to Your Team is Essential

One way to improve engagement on your team involves providing meaningful feedback on a regular basis. So don’t wait until an annual review to offer praise or constructive criticism to your team members. It’s one relatively simple step to ensure employees stay inspired throughout the year.

Also consider awarding a tangible bonus to those on your team who went above and beyond their assigned duties. Extra PTO time or even a generous gift card work well for this purpose.

Are you hiring?

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